Why is it important for a dentist to have the support of a real estate agent?


For a dentist in Tijuana who is starting his practice or wants to move his office elsewhere, he will need a space that meets the requirements he is looking for; this according to the needs of these specialists. So, having the support of a real estate agent who understands these needs is essential to get a suitable space for the dentist.

A real estate agent is dedicated to offering properties and carries out specific activities prior to this central act to provide the professional with a space that adapts to what the dentist is looking for. For the real estate agent to recognize the ideal properties and thus offer them, the agent needs to evaluate different elements. 

For a property to be offered, it is necessary to have as much documentation as possible. To do this, the agent must analyze if all the documents are available and if the utilities’ payments are up to date. Commonly, at the time a property enters the real estate agency, it does not have a deed and details related to this.

This is why it is important to carry out a previous investigation of the situation in which the property is located. Once the property is released from any debt, it is offered within the real estate company’s catalog. This way, the dentist can be sure that the property he will be renting or buying for his clinic does not have any debt or irregularity.

A real estate agent is also in charge of valuing the property according to its characteristics; that is why it is essential that a specialist in the subject can determine the cost of the property. A professional does not let himself be guided only by the price of the other features that are close to the area but research to delimit an amount that can come as close as possible to the real value of the property.

As for the advice that a real estate agent can offer to the dentist at the time of purchase, the information that agents can provide is different, but to do this, the professional must know the property and the characteristics that compose it. This is so that the dentist can obtain the necessary information about the property and decide whether it fulfills what was looking for.

For the dentist to know if the agent is trustworthy, he can first consult the real estate company, where the company will provide him with the data about:

The agent’s experience: An experienced person has the necessary skills to develop in these businesses. The strategies that the agent implements when dealing with clients are the key to generating a sale and attracting more clients.

Knowledge in advising: Because it is a person who knows the issues involved in obtaining a property, they are the right people to inform the client on legal and financial matters.

It guarantees a sale: The professionalism that this type of person handles allows the client to feel safe to acquire a property; it is that it uses methods in which the buyers feel comfortable and safe. Of course, always with the necessary seriousness.

Therefore, the fact that a dentist has the support of a real estate agent will allow to find a suitable space to open an office.