Why Construction Crews Love the Case Excavator


Excavators are central to heavy construction fleets. They consist of a dipper or stick, a boom, a bucket and a cab on a rotating platform also known as the house. The house resided on an undercarriage with wheels and tracks–an advancement from steam shovels. Excavators function with a hydraulic system used to produce enough force to control the machine’s mechanical arm. Excavators also utilize chain wheel systems for movement.

First Things First, Why a Case Excavator?

There are several brands that make excavators, but the Case excavator is a clear favorite for city developers, contractors, organizations, and other entities that use construction machinery to get their jobs completed. Like other construction equipment brands, Case makes full size excavators and mini excavators. However, full size Case excavators garner up to 12 percent faster cycle times, as well as eight percent better fuel efficiency.

As for midi (or mini) excavators, the Case construction equipment version offers an operating weight from 16,200 to 18,800 pounds. It also gives its operator more hydraulic power, a greater reach, and more cab space for a comfortable simplified experience.

Another reason to choose Case as your provider for excavators revolves around the fact that they are a pioneering force in the realm of construction equipment. Case saw a need to create a single piece of construction machinery that could perform the roles of multiple machines. So they created the backhoe loader. Though the excavator is a completely different piece of construction equipment, it still makes sense to buy excavators from a brand known for being an innovator in the space of construction machinery, as their standards have placed the bar is an out-of-reach position while making little innovative changes to excavators and other construction vehicles to maximize efficiency.

Finally, You should buy a Case excavator from a licensed dealer because every dealership is staffed with certified Master Technicians. These are skilled mechanics whose expertise extends well beyond your average repair teams. Each Case Master tech has gone through rigorous training and testing thus ensuring that construction equipment gets repaired with flawless precision in a timely manner. When your excavator is off the street, you lose money. This is why it’s important to look for excavators for sale from a brand like Case that can make complex repairs in a timely manner.

Case Service Centers Offer Rentals

As we already mentioned, you lose money and valuable time when your excavator is in the shop. Another reason why construction crews love the Case excavator is that when the machine is being repaired, they can pick up a rental and get right back out on the street to keep the project in motion. Not all brands offer rentals, and as a result, projects suffer and construction teams lose out on that next bid. When you invest in Case construction equipment by picking up an excavator, you are investing in your organization, and in your own career.