What’s So Special About Rosarito?


Rosarito is a municipality that has much to offer people and is in fact one of the main tourist attractions of Baja California for Americans. It is for this reason that most of them usually visit it on weekends or on holidays. But Rosarito is not only attractive to Americans, it is also attractive to the inhabitants of Baja who usually go to have a good time in this place. There are many attractions that Rosarito has that make it such a special place.

The beach

It is very obvious that the beach is the main tourist attraction of Rosarito, because it has very nice beaches that attract people especially in summer when it is very hot and people are just looking for a place where they can cool off and have a good time with family or friends. Another thing that is attractive about Rosarito beach is that it is a place where you can go to have a good time for a very low cost, because you only have to invest in food and drinks, since the entrance to the beach is totally free.

You can also find hotels on the beach, houses for rent either for a day that you want to have a party or a meeting or you can also find homes to live, of course for this you will have to resort to Real State in Rosarito. Another thing you can do on the beach is camping, Rosarito has a public beach where you can camp without any problems, although if you want more privacy and comfort you can also opt for private beaches that charge you regularly by car and that have the equipment necessary to camp, as well as bathrooms and showers, which makes it much more comfortable.

The beach will always be a good place to hang out, because the activities you can do there are endless, you can do things that go from surfing, making sand castles, playing volleyball, running or walking, sunbathing or just getting into the beach to cool off.


In Rosarito you can find many things to do, being a small town you can ride a bike, you can visit the fox studios where some scenes from the famous movie Pirates of the Caribbean were recorded, plus you can also find Los Arenales, a very famous place where people who enjoy riding a motorcycle will enjoy having a good time here.


The food is another of the main attractions of the municipality of Rosarito, because it has many delicious meals that have the purpose to please any palate. One of the most famous and most attractive food places of this place is Puerto Nuevo, where the most famous dish is lobster, there is no person visiting the Baja who can leave without having tasted the delicious lobster from Puerto Nuevo, which served along with delicious handmade flour tortillas that have an incredible flavor and are famous for their big size. In addition to the lobster you can also find other types of seafood dishes that will always be fresh and therefore have a better taste than anywhere else.