Top Things Businesses Look for in Commercial Landscape Services


If you are a store manager, regional manager, or facilities director, you know first hand how important it is to have a reliable commercial landscape services provider. Not only do commercial landscaping services keep your exterior property and grounds looking attractive and inviting for customers, they also help to keep your guests safe and protect your business from any potential legal problems such as a slip and fall case from ice in the parking lot, or tripping over a cracked sidewalk. This article is intended to help business owners and managers better understand their need for commercial landscape services, and how to find the best commercial landscaping company to partner with.

How Broad are the Commercial Landscape Services the Company Offers?

Some commercial landscape services are seasonal, meaning they only perform snow and ice removal. But no businesses can stay profitable and continue to improve their services through a quarter of a year. Even if you do seek a contract with a commercial snow removal services provider, find a grounds maintenance company that a depth of services all year around. These should include:

  • Commercial landscaping
  • Exterior building maintenance
  • Commercial snow removal
  • Commercial deicing
  • Exterior property services
  • Marking lot maintenance
  • Asphalt repair
  • Concrete and asphalt seal coating and crack sealing
  • Parking lot striping and curb painting
  • Tree removal

Your business should be able to set up these services for months in advance, and on demand. For example, if strong winds uproot a massive tree and blow it into your parking lot, you need a commercial landscape and grounds maintenance company that can come out and deal with the problem immediately, and set up maintenance for the upcoming winter months. When the commercial landscape business demonstrates these capabilities, they prove their skill level.

Commercial Landscape Services Locations

The best commercial landscape services will have locations all over the country with each offering unique skills. For example, an exterior maintenance crew in Miami should be able to remove salt buildup from buildings along the sea–a service that would not be needed in Colorado, but instead this location would specialize in snow removal for massive parking lots. Any large commercial landscape services operation that provides assistance to businesses all over the country is clearly top of their game offering affordable, high quality work that is reliable. Otherwise they would not have grown to suck levels and remain in business.

Call a Commercial Landscape Services Today to Keep Your Business Thriving

You need a clear parking lot, one that is safe from hazards, and an attractive storefront with easy access to keep foot traffic coming in. Call a number of reliable commercial landscape services companies, find the one that can best accommodate your needs and ensure you offer the best environment your business can be proud of.