Silicon Valley Commercial Real Estate Broker Working Remotely


As the world seemingly shuts down, life keeps moving forward. Silicon Valley is as alive and vibrant as ever. Technology advancements and ingenuity are invaluable, especially right now. If you are starting a new business, expanding, or looking for new commercial property, the real estate market is here to help. If you need commercial real estate, you might wonder what your options are at this time. You might even think you need to put off purchases, but that is not the case. Right now is a fantastic time to buy. If you are seeking a Silicon Valley Commercial Real Estate Broker who knows how to help you find the right investments, despite social restrictions, look no further. My business is set up to be able to meet your needs anytime and anywhere. 

Silicon Valley Commercial Real Estate Broker Ready for any Obstacle

COVID-19 has closed real estate offices down nationwide. Luckily my business was already set up to run from anywhere. I have an at-home office that is distraction-free, reliable, and handles all steps of the real estate process. Through reliable WiFi and a VPN, I have the capacity to remotely and securely log in to Collier’s, ensuring your transactions are secure and safe. 

RingCentral For Your Peace of Mind

Safety, security, and peace of mind are three values I strive to ensure for my customers. RingCentral allows me to connect on the cloud to access files any time I need them. It also supplies communication tools to keep everyone connected. In times when face to face meeting is not an option, video conferencing is an excellent option. I work with RingCentral because it is known for its security, which is invaluable when discussing sensitive business concerns. I also have the ability to screen share to make all processes and document filings as painless as possible. 

Virtual Tours

If you can’t see a property in person, virtual tours are available. Sometimes virtual tours are even more insightful than in-person viewings. They offer many advantages, including versatility and flexibility.  They can are available on your time table, at your speed, and you control the experience. If you would like to spend an hour focusing on a specific room, no problem! 3D tours allow users to focus in on anything that catches their interest. 

I’d also be happy to tour any property virtually with you. I will be available every step of the way to make all of your questions and concerns are addressed.

My goal is to help you find the commercial real estate that is right for you. Stalling the purchasing of property can delay your business. There is no reason to put off any advances you need to make. Technology has allowed the real estate business to adapt to meet consumer needs. I have custom-fit my business so that I can be available at any time, anywhere. My home office is fully equipped to meet your needs. I am dedicated to helping you reach your goals, even if there are obstacles. If you are looking for a Silicon Valley Commercial Real Estate Broker, please contact us today.