How to Find the Best Venice Beach Frame Store


If you live in Venice Beach, CA and are searching for a frame store, you are likely looking for something special. Considering the fact that Venice is known for its Bohemian spirit and upscale residential and commercial sectors, the need for finding high quality frames from a Venice Beach frame store is critical. After all, with the funky shots, artistic restaurants, street performers, art galleries and the creative air in general that consumes Venice, residents expect to up their game in the home and office when it comes to framing artwork. 

Whether you have a modernist home, a craftsman revival, or a modern office with elements of the rustic and organic, finding a local frame store that can enhance your painting, poster or photograph is a real need if you want your aesthetic to blend in with your local area. But how do you find the best frame store for art in the area? This article is intended to help.

Forget Big Box Stores, Invest in the Cool Neighborhood Frame Store

You will never be able to enhance your artwork or create a high-end visual experience with a frame from a big box store: they are poorly made, have a generic look, and they are a dime a dozen. Furthermore, they were not made for a specific buyer or region, and were assembled in an automated plant using engineered wood. 

Instead, visit a local neighborhood frame store, like Framed, which is a stone’s throw from Venice and offers solid wood frames, metal frames, and a number of design styles all made to the highest quality of standards at an affordable price in the niche pocket of high-end. 

At local neighborhood frame stores staff members know just how to pair the right frame to enhance various components within the art itself, then know how to make the artwork stand out, and even create a look where the frame and art become one. They can also use the frame to make the artwork stand out on its own in a manner that is eye-popping to viewers. If you are looking for a frame that adds a new level of sophistication, you won’t find it at a department store, and some sales clerks won’t have the creative eye or training to help you enhance the art, even if the product was available (which it isn’t). 

The Best Frame Store Venice has to Offer will Present Style Options

When looking for a frame store near Venice, make sure they carry a number of styles and don’t try positioning themselves as an expert in one particular style. The best frame stores will have frames that compliment the following styles:


  • Modern (contemporary)
  • Modern (mid-century)
  • Industrial
  • Organic
  • Contemporary
  • Rustic
  • Victorian
  • Antique
  • Art Deco
  • Colorful
  • Neoclassical
  • Classic
  • Bohemian


There are many cases where someone may have a certain style in their home (let’s say Bohemian) and white the painting of their family isn’t necessarily Boho, they seek a frame that will transform their painting into something that pulsates that Bohemian energy throughout the home. Then there are art pieces of a certain style, that require a frame of that design type to match. If someone has a valuable 1950s Air France travel poster with amazing art that captures that era, having a mid-century modern wood frame would be an ideal option for further enhancing the entire visual effect. 

The Venice Beach Frame Store Offers White Glove Customer Service

When you call frame stores in and near Venice Beach, ask about the process their creative team uses in pairing the right frame with artwork. How involved is the customer? How is the communication in the process? How does the frame store employee go out of her way to honor all the wishes and needs of the customer? Your needs are critical to the framing experience, yet you want a trained eye to give their insight. When you find a high quality frame store in Venice that delivers on all of these, and works with the customer to combine their expertise with the customer’s needs, you will get an amazing frame while having one of the best customer service experiences of your life.