Combine Kwikboost’s Phone Charging Station with Custom Room Dividers


As we begin a new academic year, educators and administrators continue to face the challenges of COVID-19 as they are charged with opening up schools safely. This requirement calls for advanced social distancing measures and innovative technologies. KwikBoost has met the challenge, providing solutions that allow schools to combine KwikBoost’s phone charging station with custom room dividers.  Below you will find more information on how to incorporate these solutions into an effective plan for constructing a safe, accessible, and effective learning environment for your school’s libraries and classrooms during the academic year 2020-2021.

Creating a Safe Learning Environment withKwikBoost Phone Charging Stations and Custom Room Dividers

In response to a need for school libraries to reduce the frequency of groups congregating in one area to charge phones, KwikBoost now offers KwikBoost EdgePower(TM). This portable, battery-powered charging station easily clamps on to library tables and desks so that a single user can charge a laptop, Chromebook, tablet, or smartphone.  Furthermore, KwikBoost’s portable charging solution is easily combined with KwikBoost’s custom room dividers to define work stations and limit access to the designated users. And since the phone charging stations are portable, multiple units may be moved around and strategically placed throughout one table or work station.

KwikBoost Custom Room Dividers Communicate Distance and Safety

Used in conjunction with other KwikBoost solutions, our custom room dividers may come with your own branding that can be used to map out small groups of students. They can be used to designate small workgroups or to break up an entire learning space. The dividers can also be used to communicate messages on safety and provide instructions and directions. When these custom room dividers are combined with phone charging stations and other Kwikboost classroom solutions that provide communication and distance, campuses are better equipped to offer a  face-to-face learning environment for students that is both safe and interactive. 

Other Quikboost solutions for school campuses 

KwikBoost also provides solutions such as handwashing stations, charging tables, and charging storage lockers. For instance, our storage lockers can be placed inside or even outdoors. When located outside, only the individual equipped with the corresponding code can use the locker, where he or she may charge Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, or phones without needing to establish contact with another person. That way, students have continued access to a charging outlet so that they may continue working on projects remotely. 

KwikBoost solutions allow schools to open up again by providing the tools and equipment for constructing safe yet interactive environments. Take a look at our line of phone charging and social distancing products. And for additional information on how to ensure safety and promote effective interactive learning with Kwikboost, please contact us.