4 Reasons Why Home Builders Should Invest in Home Design Technology and Virtual Home Tours


Every year, leaps and bounds are made in technology that impacts how we do business, especially in the world of homebuilding and real estate. When it comes to software for homebuilders, tech advancements have come a long way. When home builders invest in virtual home tours, they are enhancing the customer experience while streamlining their own internal operations. This article is intended to help marketing directors and home builder executives discover four main benefits to investing in a virtual design and home tour technology company.


  1. Home Design Technology Improves Efficiency


Before home design technology entered the landscape of custom house building, companies had to rely on building model homes. The process of homebuilding in of itself takes months from building the foundation down to screwing in the lightbulbs in every room. Then there are a number of teams that need to coordinate tasks and develop a timeline that requires another person to manage and monitor, and it is easy for important things to get lost in translation. Home design technology makes your job easier because high-quality virtual home tours gives buyers an intimate look at various homes with specific touches that require a fraction of the time to create.


  1. Virtual Home Tours and Home Design Technology Lowers Costs


It goes without saying that investing with a home design technology provider will cost a fraction of the price for building a model home. Materials, labor, and permitting all add up. But in addition to the obvious is the fact that now home builders can rest with a sigh of relief knowing there is zero chance of building a model home that takes forever to sell, as home design technology removes the need for physical model homes. Now, home design technology can aid in selling a home before it is even built, and virtual home tours eliminate the cost of hiring a realtor to walk potential buyers through properties and instead use their time to work on marketing, thus saving you money.


  1. Home Design Technology Delivers the Ultimate Buyer Experience


Driving around a city and touring one home after another is a dreaded task, according to most buyers. It can be an exhausting experience, and when buyers aren’t rested or relaxes, homes all tend to blend together, cause an overwhelming feeling, and people give up if they haven’t found the right home soon enough. Home design technology and virtual tours allow buyers to look at homes from the comfort of their existing location, and allows them to directly interact with the home by switching around flooring, paint colors, layout, finishes and other features.


  1. Home Design Technology and Virtual Tours Close More Sales


All home builders are too aware of that dreaded feeling when you invest time in showing a buyer a home, only for them to drop out at the last minute. The sticker shock sets in, and they forget the surge of energy and motivation they felt when walking the home. Thankfully, home design technology keeps the buyer actively engaged in the home design process which elevates excitement through ongoing engagement thus preventing them from losing interest, getting spooked, and dropping out.