3 Tips to Find the Best Solar Panel Companies that Offer the Best Deals in the Industry


Looking for the best solar panel companies can be a challenging task. There are so many solar system companies to choose from, and because the market sees a new one pop up every month, just as many continue to go out of business leaving homeowners and businesses with a void warranty. This article is intended to help businesses and homeowners find the best solar panel companies that service their areas and that guarantee high-level service and cost-saving benefits.

  1. Work with Solar Panel Companies that have Been in Business for a Minimum of 10 Years

Sadly, many solar panel companies don’t stay in business for a significant period of time. The solar space is popular, competitive, and because so many solar panel companies cut corners to pay themselves a bigger check, the customer is left to deal with the consequences after a solar panel companies go out of business. People don’t understand the gravity of this. When Saturn quit making cars, people with Saturn vehicles could still go to any mechanic to get repairs. But when solar panel companies fold, warranties void and no other solar panel company will perform repairs due to liability and other legal reasons. This is why it is paramount to invest with a reputable solar panel company that has been in business for a minimum of 10 years as a signifier to their high-quality and credibility.

You should also read their reviews. Do they have a history of providing homeowners and businesses with outstanding service, or are there numerous reports of roof damage and faulty installations? Contact solar panel companies and ask they for a brief history of their growth, and enquire about their current growth goals. If they are profitable and are continuing to grow, this means your solar panel system will be well-backed and designed to save you thousands.  

  1. The Best Solar Panel Companies Offer Outstanding Rebates

Rebates are important because they can reduce significant amounts of cost from the total purchase price. There are a number of rebates that vary from one state to the next. In fact, if you are looking for the best solar panel companies, look at Solar Optimum as a prime example. This solar panel company offers a $750 rebate that ends on February 28th! Now, there is a good chance that by the time you are reading this, the rebate is gone. But don’t panic because any solar panel company that offers an outstanding rebate like this will continue giving their customers similar great deals. Cost-saving rebates are regular occurrences with the best solar panel companies, so even you are too late for this one (or other deals from other solar system providers) call the solar panel companies and ask if there is a replacement offer or upcoming one.

  1. Demand High-Quality Solar Panel Companies (No Chuck in the Truck)

One of the biggest deceptions in the solar space is the “Chuck in the Truck”. This is a guy who gets his hands on solar systems (often low-quality ones) and operates his business out of the back of his truck. They are known to not stand behind their work, offer void rebates, and are hard to get ahold of (no physical address and they use unique phone numbers to avoid unwanted calls from customers). Don’t be tempted by their low up-front cost because the poor craftsmanship and inefficient solar panel performance will cost you tons more than you can imagine.  Instead, find a reputable solar panel company with a long-standing history of performing exceptional work they stand behind, that employs roofing experts, uses the top solar panel systems in the industry, and that has rave reviews for their high quality and white-glove customer service.